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During childbirth, the baby undergoes strong pressure sometimes acting on the mobility of the bones of his skull and his spine. A delicate touch, barely perceptible, stimulates the nervous system, hormonal, muscular and bone locomotor) and all tissues and liquids more generally. It helps to overcome the stresses experienced during birth.


When should you consult?

This approach makes it possible to deal with many problems that conventional manipulation techniques fail to solve, in particular in young children. The conscious and subtle establishment with the craniosacral structures allows the child to relax deeply. Structural but also emotional tensions can be released by stimulating self-healing forces.


• during the first three months for assessments

• after a difficult delivery, by suction cup, forceps, cesarean section,
  the seat or with the umbilical cord around the neck, after a
  difficult pregnancy

• skull asymmetry

• digestion problem (abdominal cramps, discharge, colic)

• stiff necks, locomotor disorders

• frequent regurgitation, insufficient sleep, constant crying.

• lack of tone or excessive tone

• lack of relationship between parents and child


•  back pain, scoliosis and locomotor in general
• dental and jaw correction treatment
  (it is strongly
advised to plan some osteopathy sessions cranial
   before surgery)
• headache, stomach ache
• digestion problem
• insomnia, stress, fears
• lack of tone or excessive tone
• ADHD, attention deficit with / or without hyperactivity