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Biomagnetic resonance analysis of organic and energetic functions

The quantum scan device allows to analyze and follow the evolution of the state of health of people, By holding a probe in your palm, the health data of the various systems of the body are collected and analyzed in a few minutes and safe, which allows a rapid assessment of all organic and energy functions
of an individual. The test is painless and harmless to health.
Quantum therapy is based on the information of living energy by signals

The analysis device is a non-medical device, used for the well-being of people acting solely on an informational level.

In no case does it replace the medical treatment prescribed by a doctor

In my office, I mainly use the device to obtain information on:

  • trace elements

  • vitamins

  • enzymes and coenzymes,

  • amino acids

  • collagen

  • body toxicity,

  • heavy metals,

  • acidity

There are 38 different reports obtained, see list opposite

measurements are made in addition to a consultation

The reports were obtained:

- Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
- Gastrointestinal function
- Liver function
- Function of the gallbladder
- Pancreatic function
- Kidney function
- Function of the lung
- Brain nerve
- Bone disease
- Bone density
- Rheumatoid bone disease
- Blood sugar
- Basic physical quality
- Body toxicity
- Trace elements
- Prostate (male)
- Male sexual function
- Gynecology
- Skin
- Endocrine system
- Immune system
- Breast (woman)
- Vitamins
- Amino acids
- Bone growth index
- Eye
- Heavy metals
- Allergies
- Coenzyme
- Element human
- Obesity
- Collagen
- Heart and brain impulse
- Channels and collaterals
- Sperm (male)
- Menstrual cycle (woman)
- Blood lipids
- Complete balance sheet

For who ?

Anyone can benefit from the quantum scan report
It is not suitable for people with a bypass and young children as well as pregnant women

Bevore you come:

It is recommended not to drink stimulants like coffee or alcohol
less than an hour before the test, do not take a meal before
Allow time to relax beforehand if you are in a hurry before.