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Is based on eye movement approaches. It is a combination of focusing, brainspotting and elements of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization). It has proven itself in the therapy of traumatized people, in the treatment of psychosomatic problems, but also in the resolution of important emotional blockages and pains. It was developed by Achim Grube.

In terms of trauma treatment, these three methods, among others, have proven to be particularly effective.

EMDR and brainspotting were initially used exclusively for the treatment of trauma until it was recognized that these methods could be successfully applied to resolve blockages and pain disorders.

FocuSpot is a combination of the above methods with an additional element which considerably reduces the duration of a treatment.

Application areas :

Physical therapy : acute tension pain, chronic pain, whiplash psychosomatic disorders
Psychotherapy : Acute, mono and complex trauma, psychosomatic disorders, phobias, fear of flying, fear of highways, etc. , strong emotional blockages


How it works?
The method is easy for the user and the client, because the blockages are released or the pain is calmed by the movements of the eyes.

For each subject / blockage or pain, there is an external reaction point in the field of vision the size of a two franc piece. This point is determined by eye movements using a telescopic pointing stick. As soon as this point is found, the client reacts with a physical reaction, which on the SOUTH scale (subjective stress 0 to 10) can quickly reach 8. Fixing this point and other instructions allow blockages to be lifted or reduce pain.


How many sessions?

The effects are often felt after the first session and the number required depends on the situation of the consultant, the emotional charge accumulated in the body.
Sometimes 1 to 3 sessions allow the resolution of the problem. And sometimes when the trauma dates from childhood, it takes a few more sessions.
The sessions take place at the rate of one session per week approx. and last 45 to 60 minutes.

The client is asked to do brief exercises between sessions.