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With age, bones, muscles and the whole system becomes more delicate, manipulative therapies can be too invasive for the body. Craniosacral therapy relieves pain and problems due to age through the holistic action of the primary respiratory rate. It acts positively on digestion, sleeping disorders and the moral. It soothes anxiety and relaxes through the calming of  the nervous system

End of life

The last stage of life is intense in emotion and raises fundamental questions about life and death. Craniosacral therapy supports the person at the end of life in this process and helps them to gain more serenity and confidence for this passage. Its action on the nervous system helps to alleviate pain and emotions.


Relatives also live intense and emotional moments. Nobody has taught us how to best support the one we love and we find ourselves managing a lot of things at the same time. Sometimes the emotion is too great, the fatigue too present and the questions become urgent. Craniosacral therapy makes it possible to mobilize resources gently and to face the situation more serenely.

Treatment in hospitals and at home on request.

Personal note:


I particularly cherish the support of the elderly and / or people at the end of life. First, because I have felt a tenderness for the elders since I was a little girl and it is especially my personal experiences of many mournings, starting with that one of my father when I was 14 years old, This hurtful event brought me to explore the accompaniment of people at the end of life and to wonder about the meaning of life and death. And also, at the age of seven, a serious accident brought me to the border of here and beyond. I lived what is commonly called an NDE (near death experience), an experience that will determine my life path and that I hope, can bring some comfort and hope to those who are facing these big questions of life. see also: www.ceremonielibre.ch