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Acute pain

Joint pain: back, shoulder, neck, leg, pelvis, hips, jaw (tempo-manidibular) migraines, headache, sinusitis, dizziness, unexplained toothache, neuralgia etc.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is a complex problem that must be addressed by comprehensive and systemic treatment. It is rarely a single source that is responsible for chronic pain, but rather a set of factors that interact together. The sympathetic nervous system is constantly on the alert and it is essential to reduce its action so that the body regains the means of self-regulation.

Recovery, post-operative, rebalancing, resources

After an illness, an operation or even a shock, the body needs to regain its energies and flexibility in order to eliminate the stress still lodged in the fascias, muscles and emotions that are connected to this contracture. Indeed, the fascias contract, tighten and fibrose, causing a lack of flexibility in the muscles, in the arteries and the veins. Untreated, pain and other symptoms can occur and become chronic.

Biodynamic & cardiovascular craniosacral therapy is indicated in this case, because it re-mobilizes the self-regulating forces of the organism and revitalizes all systems.

Stress, fatigue, insomnia


As we know today, a prolonged stressful situation has a considerable impact on our health. It can be the source of many pathalogies and it is therefore important to soothe the nervous system and find resources for good stress management. Biodynamic craniosacral therapy supports the person in their way of understanding stress and bringing about positive changes. Physical improvements can be seen quickly.


Insomnia, fatigue, exhaustion are mostly multifactorial and require a holistic and systemic approach. Biodynamic craniosacral therapy and an analysis of possible deficiencies in trace elements, vitamins or minerals complement each other ideally in order to find the keys to spend restful nights.

Baby angels

Support during mourning, miscarriage, stillbirth

Pregnant women

Craniosacral therapy helps the body to adapt throughout pregnancy and act positively on all the systems that experience a constant evolution in pregnant women.
The gentle and non-invsive approach, which is nonetheless very effective, is particularly appreciated by pregnant women, not only to relieve them of the ailments typically linked to pregnancy, eg lumbar and sacral pains, disorders of the digestive system, sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety etc. but also to prepare for childbirth, to open the pelvis, baby not turning and the establishment of the mother-baby link.





After childbirth, craniosacral therapy allows the body to recover well and helps restore the proper structural and functional balance of the pelvis and spine. It helps to free oneself from any trauma that arises during childbirth or a difficult pregnancy and supports mothers prone to postpartum depression.


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